“The world’s most valuable resource is no longer Oil, but Data.”

- The Economist

“The key to artificial intelligence has always been the representation.”

- Jeff Hawkins

“Artificial intelligence, in fact, is obviously an intelligence transmitted by conscious subjects, an intelligence placed in equipment.”

- Pope Benedict XVI

Dare to dream about...

We support you to realize your dreams!

What purviv offers

Dream and dream Big! We support in realizing your dreams with the reality of Artificial Intelligence to have a purview of your storefront on eBay, Amazon and Walmart.

We will give you all the information needed to reprice products, thereby improve margin & profitability.

eBay Sellers

Extensive research and data items for every product in your store, helping you to reprise better.

Amazon Sellers

With focus on improving the Seller profile and thereby boosting the chances of having the BuyBox.

Walmart Sellers

We are working on the scripts to automate the support for Walmart Sellers. It should be ready very soon! Stay Tuned!