Late, Happy New Year

Happy New Year guys!

I’ve been in a bit of a design slump of late not knowing where to focus on with the games direction, But i’m trying to push myself to get back on track!

One of the things that i really want to improve on design wise is the User interface of the game as this will be the main interactive drive force of the game and a bad UI can lead to a bad game. I’ve been trying to mess around with idea’s in Affinity Designer (Yes i don’ts gots the adobes!) .

WIP UI Design

One feature that I’m currently scratching my head at is how to display the next upcoming units, there’s a basic way i can see how to do it in my head but i’m having alot of trouble translating that to the screen. maybe some case studies might help with this?

Anywho i’m hoping to push on and have some kind of playable demo out in the upcoming months!

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So I’ve got some images to share and i want to briefly talk about what I’ve done with the game so far….

The games current look and feel.

The idea for game originally was a 2.5D isomeric Tactical RPG that featured Shiba Inu’s as the unit’s the player controlled in the game. The game would of switched to a 3D scene when two different unit would of interacted then switched back to the 2.5D landscape map again during the control phase of the game. while the Shibes stayed in the overall graphical style and game-play style has dramatically changed to be more typical of a Tactical RPG.

 editor window view of the more interesting points of the map

As you can see by the screen shot the game is starting to shape up quite nicely there’s some major thing that i want to change about the levels geometry such as the right hand side being very barren and wanting to add some overhanging creepy tree’s into the mix.

Bellow is the Stage from a different perspective, if you notice alot of the points of interest are all bunched together which I’m not sure is the best overall approach as with less interesting features the player will be unlikely to venture to these area’s, So these might need a rethink.

The map from a different perspective highlighting the less interesting parts

One of the more difficult challenges that I’ve faced recently is lighting (to be honest i think the current result looks really good). I went in to the lighting process inside unity with the complete wrong mindset and no real clue how it worked. I started by using mealtime lighting in multiple places thinking that was the correct way to use the lighting engine in the game, as i moved the camera around the game map i started to notice that these light would start to switch on and off depending how many of them were on screen at once. It suddenly dawned on me that there was probably a limit to the amount of lights that were available and a reason to that limit. With this though i then began to track down tutorials and information on unity lighting engine learning as much as i can about it and how it worked. I then came across the baked vs real-time lighting systems and began the process of switching the majority of lighting and assets to support baked lighting. Unity then began the baking of the light-maps into the current assets that i had marked as static and the lights now stayed on! In another post i’ll explain about some other aspects of lighting the game.

light probing testing


Hello guys, I’ve decided to host my own blog so i can present my creations and finding in a format that i’m happy with! The layout and content will be changing over the next few days so keep checking in the to see the changes! 

First of all i’m trying to get together / find a way for some kinda grouped social media posting to direct to this blog so people can see all the latest stuff that’s going on.

Secondly, I’ve not really been updated the Facebook page like i should… BUT!!! hopefully this will help with that! In the next upcoming posts i’ll be talking about what has been going on with my projects and some of the challenges that I’ve faced so far in my Development endeavour!